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Website front end functions list

No. Main functions Sub functions Detail desicription
1 Products Categories Management Multiple levels of products categories 2 products categories levels or 3 products categories levels. Such as "TV"-->"LED TV" (2 levels categories)
Products Search 1、Searched by product categories or products categories keywords.
2、Hot products list, new products list.
2 Registration & Login function Register 1、Fill registration basic information, such as user email, password, validation code
2、Auto send a system email to user registered email address to validate user email.
3、No limit for user account password.
4、After register successfully, auto jump to detail user information update page.
Login 1、There are 2 options for user login page: "remmember me" and "auto login". Default is "remember me".
2、There is a "find password back" link on login page.
Find account password back Website users fill registered email address and validation code, website will auto send a new account password to user email.
3 Users management User profile 1、edit user profile after user login.
2、Update registration email and change account password.
3、Update shipping address, maybe need to update billing address too.
User points 1、Check user total points and points detail list.
2、Link to some products that can be purchased by user points.
3、Show FAQ link for user points.
User coupons 1、Add coupons to my coupons list.
2、My coupons list details: No.,total discount,total order amount, expired date, valid or not.
3、Show FAQ link for users coupons.
User comments & Rate 1、After login, users can comment and rate any products.
2、My comments & rates list.
User complain 1、List my orders and choose one order to complain online.
2、Submit a complain form and save in website database,website administrator can check all user complains from website admin back end. Website admin can reply user complain online.
My favorite products 1、My favorite products list.
2、Users can add any products to my favorite products list, and remove added favorite products.
3、Thers is an "Add to shopping cart" button in my favorite products list page.
4 Products Promotion Promotion advertising banner pictures There are some promotion advertising banner pictures on home page.
Promoted Products There is a promoted products list on home page, or on sub web page.
5 Shopping Shopping Cart 1、Users can add any products to shopping cart.
2、Before user register and login, user can add products to his/her temp shopping cart, after user submit shopping cart, he/she need to register and login to fill shipping information and pay online.
3、Shopping cart link is on every front end web pages.
4、Display products number/picture/name/price/quantity in shopping cart.
5、Users can update products quantity in shopping cart, also can delete products in shopping cart.
6、Display recently visited products on bottom of page.
7、User can continue to purchase other products or go to next step to add user shipping information.
8、The products in shopping cart page will be kept, won't be deleted automatically.
Online payment 1、Instruction for online payment.
2、Auto fill order shipping information from user account data.
3、User can add new shipping address and set default shipping address.
4、User can add new billing address and set default billing address.
5、Online payment methods: integrate third party online payment gateway, such us China Alipay. Please contact third party online payment company.
6、Shipping cost: Based on shipping company price, auto calculate products shipping address for different province in China.
7、if online pay failed, auto save products order information, so users can pay it later.
6 Orders Management Orders search Display order number, products name, products picture, order receiver, order amount, order date, order status, order operation (pay, detail, cancel, buy again, return product), if user choose to click "return product", use need to fill a return reason form and submit.
Order update 1、User can close order if order is unpaid.
2、User can not close order if order is paid.
Order status Order status: unpaid, paid, shipping, completed, cancelled.
Repay. If the order is paid unsuccessfully, user can repay it.
7 Articles Management Articles Admin can add/edit/delete articles from admin back end. Articles such as FAQ,shopping guide,shipping method,payment method, after sale service, about company, contact us.
8 Products Return Return apply 1、Website admin can setup valid products return days. If valid return days is expired,
user can not return products.
2、the amount of returned products can not exceed the amount of ordered products.
3、User can return a product in a order, also can return all products in a order.
4、In the return apply form, user should fill : expected way (return product, or change product), problem description, package description, receiver address, name, phone.
Return check 1、User can check the result of product return or product exchange online.
2、User can check product return and product exchange history list.
3、There are product return and product exchange FAQ link.
9 Products Product pictures 1、product pictures can be zoomed in as large picture.
2、product thumbnail pictures.
Properties of Products 1、such as colors, multiple selection.
2、such as sizes, multiple selection.
3、Website admin can set different properties for different product categories from website admin back end.
4、Website admin can set different value for different product properties.And every different product property has different price.
Products description 1、Products introduction, specification, after sales service.
2、Products comments and rates. Rate stars from 0 to 5 stars.
3、User can leave comments for products.
10 Stock Management Add stock Add stock amount to products.
Stock Check Search options: start date, end date,product categories, product name.
Sales report: Search by start date and end date, product item number, sales amount, return amount.
Sales report can be exported into Excel file.
11 Shipping shipping prices setting Admin can add/edit/delete different shipping prices based on different china provice and weight.
12 Products for user points shopping Buy coupon with points User can buy coupon with his/her account points.
Buy product with points User can buy product with his/her account points.
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