First of all, we highly apprecicated our clients feedback and suggestions, they can help us to improve our service. With them we can develop our business more and more. We believe if we satisfy our clients, our clients will introduce PassionSource to others, so that we have opportunity to expand business to their friends or their clients. Following some of our clients are happy to supply us a testimonial to our potential new clients. Thanks a lot.
Testimonials 1:
Helloeyes has cooperated with Beyond Tang and Shanghai PassionSource development team for about 1 year. From the website design to website online testing, PassionSource professional development team always show me effective and smooth cooperation. During web design process if problem happened, effective problem solving skills reflect that PassionSource is a professional team. After our website completed, we found that we need to install ERP software in PassionSource web server (not included in our web design contract), Beyond and his team also helped us in time. This is not big thing, but it can prove that PassionSource service is very well and humanized. I know that if I meet new problem in the future PassionSource is reliable web design team that can help me to solve problems. Web design is a kind of service, the professionalism and qualifications of people in web design team are very important. I would like to say that I feel very satisfied to the cooperation experience of Shanghai PassionSource.

Allan Zhang
Helloeyes Funder & General Manager
Testimonials 2:
I have asked an Indian company to design my eCommerse site, I have paid 3000USD to get the site done, but finally they have delivered me a website with many bugs, Luckily i found the Passionsource company. They helped me to debug my site and redo the code with only 700USD. They are fast, passionate and very professional. I will recommend PassionSource company on my facebook website.
I was a web programmer when I was young. I highly recommend them.

Shahab Maboud
Funder of iBuyTaobao
Testimonials 3:
HCS Scientific & Chemical Pte Ltd has started e-commerce customized website development business cooperation with Shanghai PassionSource from April, 2011. On January 1, 2012, our website www.hcs-lab.com was online formally. During the process of our website development, both of us kept good active contact through email and MSN/QQ, even we never meet each other, this was very pleasant cooperation.
Shanghai PassionSource win out over those of their competitors because they have a full professional develop team including Graphical designer, HTML designer, Programmer and Project manager who have rich experience and excelent professional skills to ensure web project is going well, especially for the customized website design PassionSource team has more advantages.
Choosing Shanghai PassionSource, another important reason is that they have good reputation and good communication service; credibility and sincere service make Shanghai PassionSource standing out.
For our suggestion, we hope that Shanghai PassionSource can know one specific industry more deeply, not only research website requirements from technical side. If PassionSource can make website solution for some specific industries with their professional technical skills, I think it would make Shanghai PassionSource more successful.
At last, I wish Shanghai PassionSource has a good future in the new year and to have the opportunity to cooperate with them again.

Sunny Sun
IT Manager of HCS Scientific & Chemical Pte Ltd  
Testimonials 4:
Hi Raja, I am working for Kathleens 5 Rooftop Restaurant and Bar, and we are in the process of signing a website company to develop our new website. We thought that Passionsource is a company worthy of consideration. They mentioned that you have employed their service in the past to develop the website, haofresh.bxjj.com. We would like to have your opinion on Passionsource so we can get a better view of the quality of their service and product. Thank you.
Hi Kevin,
We liked the overall experience we had with Passion Source. We found some difficulty in communicating as we cant speak Chinese. But looking at your name, i guess you can speak Chinese. Then communication will be much much better. They helped a lot by giving us new ideas and explaining the scenario in China. But since ours is more than just a website, we had to involve in various stages of development. For a normal website, i think they are well qualified to do that. I had seen another website of theirs, which i liked a lot...And beyond is always ready to help us and he clarified all our doubts which are well beyond the scope of the project. So, on an overall i liked the experience. One suggestion, get the scope and timeline of the project well defined before the start of the project. It reduces the hassle during the development process.
i would rate them 7.5 on a scale of 10.
with regards
Raja Sekhar
Founder of Kriya Media
Testimonials 5:
Hi, Alex,
Your name were given by Mr. Beyond Tang as a client reference. I would appreciate very much if you can kindly provide reference for the quality of Passionsource service for the design and coding of your site:
1. Did Passionsource design and code your site? If yes, which site?
2. What did their service include?
3. Were you satisfied with the quality of their
-- a. design,
-- b. coding,
-- c. timeliness in meeting project deadlines,
-- d. responsiveness
-- e. after sale services and
-- f. price when compared with others?
4. If you have one area you feel were their particular weakness, what is it? How would you do differently if you had to do it again?
Since I am seriously considering procuring their service this week, I would appreciate if you can provide this reference in the next few days.
1. Yes, Passionsource did design and build my website, including all the programming and coding, front and back-end.
2. Their service included pretty much everything (although I wrote and translated all of the info. on the site!)
3. Overall, I was very satisfied with their work and would not hesitate to recommend them.
-- a. Design - 4/5
-- b. Coding - 4/5
-- c. Timeliness - 4/5
-- d. Responsiveness - 5/5
-- e. After sale services - 5/5
-- f. Price when compared with others? - 5/5
4. If they have a weakness, I would say it is in attention to detail. So, make sure that you explicitly state what you want and what you expect from them, right down to the finest detail - this will avoid any problems occurring later down the line. Otherwise, I can highly recommend Beyond and his team, they are very professional and provide an excellent service to my business, for which I am very grateful to them. Further note that they are extremely competitive on price. If you need any further information, just ask. Many thanks and good luck with your new website.

Alex Abrahams
Shanghai Blueskystudy
General Manager
Testimonials 6:
Passionsource has helped me get three large projects of the ground, I am not sure where I would be without them. They have been fast, reliable and take care for detail. They picked up the pieces from another outsourced disaster and made things work.

Craig Figtree
Founder of Australia Tour
Testimonials 7:
For the past three years, PassionSource have supplied good web development service to us, including our three fashion clothing brands websites development, and hosting & domain service. With their help, our company can easily expand our business into Internet bussness area. Their service is really professional and we are benefited from it.

Henry Tang
Vice president of Saiyang Group & Supply Chain Director
Shanghai, China
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