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How to write a website sitemap or structure?

Different websites has different web functions/sections, which need different web design and develop time, so the website design and development cost finnally will be different. Before client search one suitable web design company, client should think about your own website functions/sections detail requirements and write them down in document through sitemap method, then send sitemap to website design company to check and quote.

How to write a website sitemap? Clients who has no experience can not figure it out. Here we have a way: Firstly please think about the top menu of your website, such as "Home", "Products", "Services", "About Us", "Contact Us". If there is something missed, you can set the website top menu based on your company business detail needs. If you do not know your company very well (for example, you are the new empolyee in your company), then we suggest that you should talk with the internal marketing & sales people and technical people in your company, so you will know which contents should be put on you website for your clients to check. For your internal discussion, please think more about the website contents from the view of your clients.

After you confirm all the top menu of your website, then secondly please think about every sub menu under every top menu. For example, under "About Us" section, you may want to add sub menu "About the company", "History", "Management Team"...etc. For more complicated website, it maybe have sub sub menu under sub menu, so you need to think about sub sub menu too.

Finally, you can make a website sitemap, please write the sitemap download in document and send it to Shanghai PassionSource company. After Shanghai PassionSource received the sitemap document, we will quote your website in details.

One simple website sitemap sample is below -
1. Home
2. Products
2.1. Products Category 1
2.2. Products Category 2
2.3. Products Category 3
2.3.1. Sub Products Category 1
2.3.2. Sub Products Category 2
3. Service
3.2. After sales service
4. About Us
4.1. About the company
4.2. History
4.3. Management Team
5. Contact Us

For more complicated big website design and development, firstly we suggest our client find someone who understand website functions well in your internal team and let him/her be responsible for the website design and development communication. For big complicated website, we need our client send us all detail requirements as more as you can, please refer to our big customized website instruction page.

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