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Search Enginee ranking factors

On-Page (Keyword-Specific) Ranking Factors
1.Keyword Use Anywhere in the Title Tag
66% very high importance

2.Keyword Use as the First Word(s) of the Title Tag
63% high importance

3.Keyword Use in the Root Domain Name (e.g. keyword.com)
60% high importance

4.Keyword Use Anywhere in the H1 Headline Tag
49% moderate importance

5.Keyword Use in Internal Link Anchor Text on the Page
47% moderate importance

6.Keyword Use in External Link Anchor Text on the Page
46% moderate importance

7.Keyword Use as the First Word(s) in the H1 Tag
45% moderate importance

8.Keyword Use in the First 50-100 Words in HTML on the Page
45% moderate importance

9.Keyword Use in the Subdomain Name (e.g. webdesignshanghai.com)
42% low importance

10.Keyword Use in the Page Name URL (e.g. www.passioinsource.com.cn/service.html)
38% low importance

11.Keyword Use in the Page Folder URL
37% low importance

12.Keyword Use in other Headline Tags
35% low importance

13.Keyword Use in Image Alt Text
33% minimal importance

14.Keyword Use / Number of Repetitions in the HTML Text on the Page
33% minimal importance

15.Keyword Use in Image Names Included on the Page (e.g. keyword.jpg)
33% minimal importance

16.Keyword Use in < b > or < strong > Tags
26% minimal importance

17.Keyword Density Formula (# of Keyword Uses ÷ Total # of Terms on the Page)
25% minimal importance

18.Keyword Use in List Items < li > on the Page
23% very minimal importance

19.Keyword Use in the Page’s Query Parameters (e.g. paisuo.com/page.html?keyword)
22% very minimal importance

20.Keyword Use in < i > or < em > Tags
21% very minimal importance

21.Keyword Use in the Meta Description Tag
19% very minimal importance

22.Keyword Use in the Page’s File Extension (e.g. paisuo.com/page.keyword)
12% very minimal importance

23.Keyword Use in Comment Tags in the HTML
6% very minimal importance

24.Keyword Use in the Meta Keywords Tag
5% very minimal importance

On-Page (Non-Keyword) Ranking Factors
1.Existence of Substantive, Unique Content on the Page
65% very high importance

2.Recency (freshness) of Page Creation
50% moderate importance

3.Use of Links on the Page that Point to Other URLs on this Domain
41% low importance

4.Historical Content Changes (how often the page content has been updated)
39% low importance

5.Use of External-Pointing Links on the Page
37% low importance

6.Query Parameters in the URL vs. Static URL Format
33% minimal importance

33%11.8% moderate consensus
7.Ratio of Code to Text in HTML
25% minimal importance

8.Existence of a Meta Description Tag
22% very minimal importance

22%11% moderate consensus
9.HTML Validation to W3C Standards
16% very minimal importance

10.Use of Flash Elements (or other plug-in content)
13% very minimal importance

11.Use of Advertising on the Page
11% very minimal importance

12.Use of Google AdSense (specifically) on the Page
8% very minimal importance

Page-Specific Link Popularity Ranking Factors
1.Keyword-Focused Anchor Text from External Links
73% very high importance

2.External Link Popularity (quantity/quality of external links)
71% very high importance

3.Diversity of Link Sources (links from many unique root domains)
67% very high importance

4.Page-Specific TrustRank (whether the individual page has earned links from trusted sources)
65% very high importance

5.Iterative Algorithm-Based, Global Link Popularity (PageRank)
63% high importance

6.Topic-Specificity/Focus of External Link Sources (whether external links to this page come from topically relevant pages/sites)
58% high importance

7.Keyword-Focused Anchor Text from Internal Links
55% high importance

8.Location in Information Architecture of the Site (where the page sits in relation to the site’s structural hierarchy)
51% moderate importance

9.Internal Link Popularity (counting only links from other pages on the root domain)
51% moderate importance

10.Quantity & Quality of Nofollowed Links to the Page
25% minimal importance

11.Percent of Followed vs. Nofollowed Links that Point to the Page
17% very minimal importance

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