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Do you use open source CMS system?

Now in the web development market, there are many outstanding open source CMS system free to use, such as wordpress, shopex...etc.

However, we do not like to use open source CMS to develop our clients website, we like to develop our own CMS system.

Why? there are main two reasons:
1. If CMS code is programmed by our programmer, then our company can better control the CMS code quality, and easy for us to develop more flexible functions based on our clients detail requirements.
2. There are too many open source CMS system, it''s difficult for our programmer to understand every of them. It will take us long time to understand/update them.
On the other side, some of open source CMS can not be allowed to used on commercial websites, and a hacker may find program bugs on open source CMS and then he can hack thousands of websites - this is not what we expect.

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