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Be careful to these fake clone PassionSource websites

Last year some of our clients reported to us that some web design companies copied Sanghai PassionSource website, we announced news "PassionSource website contents were copied by other web design companies" and we wished this could warn those duplicators. However, there some other web design companies still copied our company website, and damaged to the interests of our company. We are forced to annouce following duplicators and hope our clients be careful to these web design duplicators.

Below duplicators copied all of our company website designs and contents, only company logo and company name were changed -
1. http://www.xuaya.com/
2. http://www.deyic.com/
3. http://kaycent.com/
4. http://www.aisuny.com/
5. http://www.cloudcn.cc/ (Only changed a few color.)

A web design company which copied other web design company's website has no business ethics. For such kind of web design company, can you trust they could be resposible for your website design? Please be careful for these duplicators.

There are some other web design companies imitate our website contents with a few creative idea instead of full copy. For such kind of thing, we still do not encourage and support. For example -

1. http://www.xzsy.com.cn/htmls/wangzhanjianshe/jianzhanliucheng/
(Our original picture http://www.passionsource.com.cn/support_workflow.html )
2. http://www.chirashiya.com.cn/support/process/
(Our original picture http://www.passionsource.com.cn/support_workflow.html
3. http://www.dokeke.com/services.swf
(Copy our text contents into flash)

We encourage and support original web designs and texts, copy is easy but it can not be long.

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