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E-commerce website detail requirements sample document

e-commerce website detail requirements (Draft)

Website detail fuctions:
1. Country Management
1.1. China, usa, and all countries.
1.2. Only divide usa country into different states, other countrie do not.
1.3. Using third-party IP database API to auto check website users IP address, then auto jump to users own country page.

2. Products Management
2.1. Products are categories. Website admin can add/edit/delete products categories.
2.2. Products categories are divided into max 2 levels. Such as : Mobile categoriy (level 1) and Iphone category (level 2). No level 3 and level 4.
2.3. Products data fields including: products name, pictures, price, item number, detail description. (If you want more products data fields pleaset let me know)
2.4. Products data fields are the same for all product categories.

3. Auction fuction.
3.1.1. Buyer need to prepay some deposit to join an auction.
3.1.2. Every bid should increase a certain price (for example, increase 1 to 11 price.)
3.1.3. Highest bid will get the products.
3.1.4. There is a time limit for every auction. Seller set the time limit.
3.1.5. For lastest 5 minutes, if one buyer post a bid, then time will auto extend 5 minutes.

4. Home page fuctions
4.1. Website users need to pay to post products on homepage.
4.2. There is a monthly billing list page in user account for homepage pament. User pay monthly bill per month.
4.3. There are some differenect products section on home page:
4.3.1. Black Friday , cost 25 cents for one week display, billing list per month.
4.3.2. Daily deals, for one day display.
4.3.3. Auction, timecounting down.
4.3.4. Hot products, for one week display.
4.3.5. Wholesale, for one week display.
4.3.6. Onsales, for one week display.

5. Users Management
5.1. Buyer
5.1.1. Register
5.1.2. Login/log out
5.1.3. Find password back
5.1.4. Update profile
5.1.5. My orders list
5.1.6. My orders detail
5.1.7. My rated prodcuts list (1 – 5 points)
5.1.8. My rated sellers list (1 – 5 points)
5.1.9. My auction list
5.1.10. My shopping cart
5.1.11. My shipping address
5.1.12. Add/Edit/Delete shipping address
5.1.13. Request to return products and refund money. (Maybe this function you do not need it, so we can remove it.)
5.1.14. Post products I requested (maybe your website do not need this function. If you need it, also need seller to quote buyer’s products. Then your website will get more complicated.)
5.2. Seller
5.2.1. Registers
5.2.2. Login/log out
5.2.3. Find password back
5.2.4. Update profile
5.2.5. My products list
5.2.6. Add/edite/delete products
5.2.7. My acution list
5.2.8. My orders list
5.2.9. My orders detail
5.2.10. My current plan
5.2.11. Buy a new plan
5.2.12. Products return request list (Maybe this function you do not need it)
5.2.13. Seller user need to submit their business license copy, then website admin check and approve seller account, otherwise sellers are not allowed to post any products.

6. Users Rate and comments
6.1. Buyer can rate & comment the products they bought. (1-5 points)
6.2. Buyer can rate seller account. (1-5 points)

7. Orders management
7.1. Orders submit
7.2. Order status
7.2.1. Pending
7.2.2. Paid
7.2.3. Shipped
7.2.4. Completed
7.2.5. Cancelled
7.2.6. If you need more order status please let me know.

8. Search function
8.1. Search products
8.2. Search supplier,
8.3. Search sellers

9. Online Payment function
9.1. Paypal payment gateway.
Paypal payment gateway also supply main credit cards, so you do not need integrate other credit card payment gateway. However, these days we have checked that paypal payment gateway do not support buyer directly pay seller through paypal on your website. Paypal payment gateway only support buyer pay website admin(it’s you) through paypal on your website.
9.2. Alipay payment gateway. paypal credit card.
Alipay is the payment gateway from Alibaba company. It support main credit cards, and it support buyer directly pay seller through Alipay on your website. Many chinese users are familiar with Alipay, but other countries users are not familiar with it.
9.3. You can think about one of above two options, maybe you can find other thrid-party payment gateway which support buyer directly pay seller on your website. If you find it, please let me know.

10. Plans Management
10.1. Website admin can add/edit/delete membership plans at website admin back end.
10.2. Seller can buy plans through payment gateway.
10.3. There are many plans, seller can not buy a new plan if his/her current plan is not expired.

11. Shipping function
11.1. Simple shipping cost calculatioin fuctioin. Shipping destinations only divided into countries level, not states level. For example, price for shipping 1kg products from Vietnam to China, price for shipping 2kg products from Vietnam to USA. Website admin can pre-set all prices for shipping from one country to another country based on KG weight.
11.2. No shipping price calculatioin for states level.
11.3. No shipping price calculation for third-party shipping API gateway. Such as UPS shipping API gateway.

12. Currency exchange function
12.1. Website support 4 currency: RMB, USD, EUR, GMP
12.2. Website admin can pre-set each currency exchange rate at website back end. USD currency is the basic exchange currency.

13. Admin Commission Calculation
13.1. It’s relevant to online payment gateway. If you want to use Paypal payment gateway, then buyer can not pay seller directly through paypal on your website. So we can not auto calcuate the admin commission.
13.2. If you want to use alipay payment gateway, we can auto caculate admin commission.
13.3. Is the admin commission fixed number? For example, all products sold, admin can get 3% commission?

14. Advertisement Management
14.1. Website admin can add/edit/delete advertisement pictures on the website front end pages.
14.2. Maybe this function you do not need it, so we can remove it. Or maybe this function you want make it more complicated, for example, admin can add different advertisement pictures for diferent products categories...etc.

15. Auto Email sending function
15.1. When buyer submit an order, an order email auto goes to seller’s email box.
15.2. When Seller shipped order products, an shipped email auto goes to buyer’s email box.
15.3. ...etc. Maybe you do not need this auto email sending function, so we can remove it. Or maybe you want make this function more complicated, add more auto emails sending. Then please think about more auto emails details.

16. Others
16.1. Help center,
16.2. Submit a complaint,
16.3. Contact us
16.4. Policies & rules
16.5. Trade service
16.6. Inspection service

17. Admin back end functions
17.1. Countries managment
17.2. Products management
17.3. Products categories management
17.4. Auction Products list
17.5. Users management
17.6. Orders management
17.7. Commission list
17.8. Seller monthly bills list
17.9. Helps contents management
17.10. Shipping prices management
17.11. Users Shipping address management
17.12. Users rating and comments managment
17.13. Request products return list
17.14. Plans management
17.15. Paid plans history
17.16. Home page listed products management
17.17. Auction products management
17.18. Website email/title configration
17.19. Currency exchange rate management (maybe need it)
17.20. Advertisement management (maybe need it)

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