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I am not in Shanghai, then how we communicate with each other?

Now Shanghai PassionSource only have offices in Shanghai city and Hunan Province, we did not setup any branch company or agent in other countries or other cities in China except Shanghai. If our clients are not located in Shanghai, we can discuss web project details through remotely communication.

Remotely communication will save our time/money on road between cities or countries. Many of our American and European clients did not meet us face to face, we just communicate through Phone/Email/MSN/Skype/QQ/Net meeting. To ensure remotely communicate successfully, the key point is PassionSource and our clients discuss/write down "web design detail requirement" document or "website detail programming functions list" document. We can attach them as appendix of our contract, then sign it.

The final work result of web design that we sent to our clients are digital web pages, not real products. So every step of web design can be discussed/confirmed through remotely communication between us and our clients.

If some of our clients wish PassionSource send staff to meet in other cities or other countries, the clients need to prepay us the fee of travelling expense.
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