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What is dynamic website? what is static website?

Dynamic website is, saving website texts, pictures in website database file, then website administrator can login website back end to manage all texts/pictures data (add/edit/delete) in database. Usually we also call dynamic website as CMS website.

CMS full name in English is Content Management System. The content in front page could be managed at the website backend by administrator, operations includes modification, addition and deletion. It need database support. CMS is used in content of sections need to often updated, like: product management, news management.

In order to ensure the quality of the code and the maintainance and extendibility of the program, Shanghai passionsource only use CMS developed by ourselves to develop our clients' website and won’t use the open source CMS developed by the 3rd party. But we would use the module or plug-in integrated in program.

Tips: the gif animation picture and flash animation are not dynamic web page.

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