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Mobile website design and APP development service in China

From year 2005, Shanghai PassionSource company has focused on high quality professional custom web design service for our clients. As the amount of mobile Internet users gets more and more, from last year we also designed and developed some mobile websites to satisfy our clients needs.

We supply following mobile Internet services:
1. Mobile website design and development.
2. Assist our clients to setup mobile website in their company Wechat platform.
3. Developing mobile web APP based on mobile website. Including ios web app and android web app.
4. Native APP development.

The development cost of native app is higher than web app, many clients can not afford it. And native app can not be setup in Wechat platform but mobile website can be.

So thinking from the cost, normally we suggest our clients to take moble website plus web app method instead of native app. If our clients have more questions please contact us.

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