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PassionSource Staff Structure Adjustment

Dear Clients,

From year 2005 Shanghai PassionSource established to now, 7 years passed. For the past 7 years, our web develop team experienced team tweak, financial crisis, sales and management challenges, law risks and so on. In 2012 our company web develop team staff structure will be adjusted. Some of our veteran employee are getting married or have baby or need to take care of their parents and family in their home town, so some of them will go back and work at their home. They still work remotely with our PassionSource Shanghai web develop team through Phone/Email/MSN/QQ.
In this way, not only we can keep our experienced veteran staff, but also we can reduce a few web development cost. In the future, we will continue to supply high quality web design service to our clients with good price. Thanks for all of our clients' supports!

Shanghai new office: Room 2205, Building 16, Lane 1097, Pudong Avenue, Pudong District, Shanghai.
Hunan province office: Room 201, Building 22, HuaXia Block, West Minzhou Road, Shaoyang city, Hunan province.

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