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PassionSource website contents were copied by other web design companies.

In recent days, some of our clients contacted us and reported that they find some articles/texts/pictures from PassionSource website were copied on other web design companies websites. We did some research and find out following Chinese web design companies copied our company articles/texts/pictures -

http://www.jiesutong.com/caseshow-1-0-0-2-0.html (Copied our whole website.)
http://www.tzpr.cn/html/detail_230.html (Copies our service texts.)
http://www.idcnnic.com/ServiceWeb.htm (Same as above)
http://www.ho2.cn/ (Same as above)
http://www.commentapi.com/webdesign.html (Same as above)
http://www.wingwind.com/content/Default.asp?pageID=15 (Same as above)
http://www.melongda.com.cn/article_read_97.html (Same as above)
http://www.eawin.net/plus/list.php?tid=24 (Same as above)
http://www.chirashiya.com.cn/Services/website/ (Same as above)
http://www.swhl.com.cn/Web-Design.asp (Copied our English website texts)
http://www.chirashiya.com.cn/templets/chira_css/down/fenxi.doc (Copied our document)
http://www.google.com.hk/search?client=aff-cs-worldbrowser&forid=1&ie=utf-8&oe=UTF-8&hl=zh-CN&q=www+eneb+com+cn (Same as above)
http://ouzhuo.net/newshow.asp?bh=1025 (Same as above)

We announce above links because we wish our potential clients to know our company website is the original source of above articles/texts/pictures. And we hope other Chinese web design companies stop copying our articles/texts/pictures.
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